LightBurst Broadband Phone Calling Features

Caller ID – $5.50

The Caller ID feature enables you to view the name, date, and time of an incoming call before answering.

Caller ID on Call Waiting – FREE

The Caller ID on Call Waiting feature gives you the same information for an incoming call while you are currently talking. This feature is free when you subscribe to Caller ID and Call Waiting.

Voice Mail – $6.00

Voice Mail allows anyone calling you to leave a message when you do not answer or your line is busy.

Single Number Service – $5.00

Single Number Service consolidates all your numbers giving you the tools to integrate your home, cell and office phone so that you can be reached no matter where you are. One call rings all phones at the same time or in an order that you choose.

Conference Calling – $4.00

With the On-Demand Conferencing Plus Service you can manage and conduct conference calls using our Phone Central application or the Web Portal Service. It brings all your friends or customers together for those important calls.

Notify Plus – $4.00

Notify Plus provides an outgoing voice message delivery service that is ideal for automating the tedious task of calling multiple numbers to deliver the same message.

Call Logging – $2.00

The Call Logging Service utilizes the Phone Central application to allows subscribers to view and save their call records from their computer.

Call Waiting – $2.50

The Call Waiting feature informs you while talking to one person that another person is calling. You can choose to place the first call on-hold and answer the second call or ignore it.

Cancel Call Waiting – FREE

If you do not want the be bothered during a call, the Cancel Call Waiting feature temporarily cancels the Call Waiting option. It will be restored when you finish your call. This feature is free when you subscribe to Call Waiting.

Call Forwarding – $2.50

The Call Forwarding feature allows you to have all incoming calls forwarded to another, preselected line.

Call Forwarding to Fixed Destination – $2.50

The Fixed Destination Call Forwarding feature allows you to have all incoming calls forwarded to another, designated phone number as prearranged with LightBurst Broadband.

Call Forward on Busy – $2.50

The Call Forward on Busy feature allows you to have all incoming calls forwarded to another, preselected phone number when your phone is busy.

Call Forward Don’t Answer – $2.50

The Call Forward Don’t Answer feature allows tyou to forward all incoming call to a preselected phone number after a specified number of rings has occurred.

Call Forwarding / Remote Access – FREE

Call Forward Remote Access supports call forwarding activation and deactivation from a location other than your home phone.

Selective Call Forwarding – $2.50

This feature enables you to designate incoming call phone numbers that are to be forwarded. You also designates a remote phone number to which the incoming calls from your list are forwarded.

Selective Call Rejection – $2.50

This feature enables you to specify incoming call phone numbers where the call will be terminated after a prerecorded call rejection announcement. Thirty-two phone numbers can be stored in the Selective Call Rejection list.

Selective Call Acceptance – $2.50

Selective Call Acceptance enables you to have incoming calls screened against a specified list of phone numbers. Only calls from phone numbers found in the list are allowed to complete. The rejected calls are given a prerecorded call rejection announcement and are terminated.

Selective Distinctive Ringing – $2.50

This feature enables you to designate up to 32 phone numbers from which incoming calls are to be identified by distinctive ringing or, if the subscriber also has the Call Waiting feature, by a distinctive call-waiting tone.

Screening List Editing – FREE

Screening List Editing enables you to configure and operate the four selective call screening services, Selective Call Forwarding, Selective Call Rejection, Selective Call Acceptance, and Selective Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting. This feature is free when you subscribe to any of the Selective Call features.

Automatic Recall – $3.00

Automatic Recall enables you to place a call to the phone number of the last incoming call. When you dial *69, the call is placed.

Automatic Call Back – $3.00

Automatic Call Back automatically places a call to the last phone number that you dialed by dialing the activation code *66.

Anonymous Call Rejection – FREE

Anonymous Call Rejection enables you to reject anonymous calls made to your phone number. The caller receives an announcement saying that you do not accept anonymous calls. This feature is free when you subscribe to Caller ID.

Distinctive Ringing (Teen Service) – $3.00

This feature allows you to have two phone numbers assigned to the same line so that you can receive calls dialed to separate numbers without installing a second line. Calls placed to the secondary number are identified by distinctive ringing.

Enhanced Teen Service – $4.00

The Enhanced Teen Service feature enables a single line to be assigned up to four secondary phone numbers. Calls to any one of the four Teen lines will ring with a cadence unique to that particular Teen phone number.

3-Way Calling – $3.00

The 3-Way Calling feature allows you to add another call to an existing phone conversation. This feature includes both hold and add-on capabilities.

Residential Call Transfer – $2.00

With Residential Call Transfer you can transfer an established call to another line by performing a switchhook flash, dialing the third party and then hanging up. 3-Way Calling must also be configured on lines with Residential User Transfer.

Long Distance Alert – $2.00

The Long Distance Alert feature causes a distinctive ring when an incoming call is a long distance call. This enables you to distinguish between long distance and local calls.

Ring Again – $3.00

The Ring Again feature allows a subscriber who reaches a busy line to receive a special ring indicating that the previously busy line has become idle.

Warm Line – $2.00

With the Warm Line feature, after dial tone is obtained, if the caller does not commence dialing within a predetermined length of time (between 2 and 60 seconds), a call will automatically be placed to a number previously selected by the subscriber.

Speed Calling (Short List – 8 Numbers) – $2.00

Speed Calling allows you to call one of a group of numbers by dialing a one- or two-digit code. Short-list speed calling allows 8 predefined numbers to be stored.

Speed Calling (Long List – 30 Numbers) – $3.00

Speed Calling allows you to call one of a group of numbers by dialing a one- or two-digit code. Long-list speed calling allows 30 predefined numbers to be stored.

Customer Originated Trace – $3.00

If you are receiving a harassing or threatening call that they would like traced, the Customer Originated Trace feature enables you to initiate a trace on the last incoming call by dailing *57. The trace information is printed at our office.

Calling Name Delivery Blocking – FREE

Calling Name Delivery Blocking enables subscribers to control the display of their names on the called party’s Caller ID unit, on a per-call basis. This feature is free when you subscribe to Caller ID.

Calling Number Delivery Blocking – FREE

Calling Number Delivery Blocking enables subscribers to control the display of their phone number on the called party’s Caller ID unit, on a per-call basis. This feature is free when you subscribe to Caller ID.

Toll Denied – $2.00

The Toll Denied feature restricts a phone line from originating long distance toll calls. Any attempted toll calls are intercepted and an announcement is played informing the subscriber that long distance toll calls are not allowed.

900 Restriction – FREE

By default, all LightBurst Broadband phone accounts are blocked from placing calls to 900 numbers. This is a free service from LightBurst Broadband. If you would like to enable 900 number calling, please contact a LightBurst Broadband Customer Service Representative to have the restriction removed at no charge.

Non-Listed Number – $4.00

The Non-Listed Number feature keeps your phone number from being listed in the phone directory. It does not block Caller ID information from being sent to the called party.

Non-Published/Non-Listed Number – $5.00

The Non-Published/Non-Listed Number is the best protection for keeping your information private. Your phone number will not be published in the phone directory and all Caller ID information will be displayed as “Private”.

Inside Wire Maintenance – $0.75

An Inside Wire Maintenance contract will alleviate the potential cost of having a LightBurst Broadband Technician come to your house to diagnose a problem that is caused by wiring within your house. No service call charge and we take care of the problems.

Some calling features not available with all services. Prices do not include taxes, surcharges and additional fees. Services and pricing subject to change. Services are subject to LightBurst Broadband terms and conditions.

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